To Blog: The Modern Day Diary.

An open page.

A blank expanse awaiting the dance of a pen across its off-white offerings.

– Me

Hello and welcome to the innermost workings of my mind; from the languid ponderings to the disjointed musings of a mind in frenzy, you are privy to it all inside my travel and lifestyle blog!

Honestly speaking… I have been procrastinating over this project for the past 16 months, always putting off until tomorrow what should have been done many yesterdays ago. However, after witnessing the birth of a good friend’s travel website ( and its rapid evolution into a viable brand, I grew more serious about pursuing my own creative outlet.

Why a travel blog? Because cultural exploration unleashes a creativity within me that is sometimes dampened by the medical/scientific bubble that I live in. There is a certain luxury in having the means to step outside of ones micro-environment and into another person’s world, one I do not take for granted. I want to share my experiences of the cultures I’ve encountered, the exquisite scenery I have laid eyes on, the incredible people encountered along the way; all to inspire the next generation of global citizens. Those not afraid of the differences between us but who are entranced with that which bonds us as Brothers and Sisters across the earth.



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