A New Year On The River – Part Two

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The excited squealing as we opened the door to our executive junior suite must have reverberated through the neighbouring walls! The suite was glorious. I could not stop looking around at the gold and rich brown tones in the fixtures and furniture which lent the room a modern but elegant feel. And having spied the huge king-sized bed piled high with plump cushions, there was no doubt in my mind that we were going to begin the New Year VERY well rested.
Our earlier tour (snooping around) of the yacht had uncovered the Land’s End restaurant on the 4th deck. A smaller dining area was located on the 3rd deck and the Skye Lounge bar on the 4th. The main rooms appeared to be housed on the 1st and 2nd decks whilst suites like the one we stayed in were on the 5th deck, many featuring balconies overlooking the Docklands and River Thames.

We’d arrived around 3pm but with the fog and rapidly darkening thunderclouds, it was hard to make out exactly what our balcony offered views of. But there was plenty in the suite to keep us entertained!

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