1 Year Anniversary of the Dr Reen Abroad blog!

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The richest place on earth…

As anniversary celebrations for the #DrReenAbroad travel and lifestyle blog launch a year ago wind down, I have been thinking back to the macabre but poignant thought that started me on this journey: ‘The richest place on earth is the cemetary. For in it lies all the lost geniuses, scientists, inventors, artists and poets of the world‘.

Growing up I had a ferocious love of literature and could spend hours upon hours journaling wildly fanatical stories starring my favourite heroines.

Adolescence though brought crippling self-doubt.

What if my literary voice was not strong enough? What if I had no real stories to tell, just recycled tall tales? What if strangers poured over my heart’s turmoil and ripped the papers to shreds with their laughter.

Too many many what ifs.

I stopped writing.

Until one day, there was only one what if.

What if these adjectives and verbs, similes and metaphors, juxtaposed ideas and random musings formed a sentiment that held value to a friend or a stranger in Tokyo scrolling through their timeline?

Overwhelming support and literary appreciation have been welcome surprises; I’ve been thrilled to see #DrReenAbroad blossom and gain recognition in the travel community over the last year.

2018, I’m ready for BIGGER and BETTER by the grace of God!

© #DrReenAbroad

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