What The Doctor Recommends: A New Era Of Prescription Travel

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What The Doctor Recommends is 3 days old.

Professional advice is to avoid exposing a newborn in its infancy to the wider world so as to reduce the risk of picking up an infection. Except this bouncing newborn can’t be contained and WANTS to acquire a bug. The #travelbug that is lol!

Monte Carlo, Monaco

A speedy 40 minute bus ride from Nice and you’re in Monaco!

Despite its status as an Independent City State/Country, one does not need a passport to cross the border. Great! Oh, and get this. The bus ride from Nice to Monaco costs a grand total of… €1.50. No, don’t wipe your screen, that dot after the 1 is meant to be there!

What The Doctor Recommends is just itching to prescribe someone a healthy dose of the French Riviera… could that be you?

Open now for the following clients:

  • Busy professionals
  • Solo travellers
  • Small groups (3 – 4 persons)

Email drreenabroad@hotmail.com for enquiries and to book your comprehensive consultation.

Dr Reen Abroad ©️ 2018

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