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Mind The Medics part one

The GP raised her tired gaze to meet mine.

‘I just wanted it all to stop. The overwhelming revolving door of patients, the bureaucracy, the workplace politics, my home life. All that damn pressure all the damn time. I, I… I needed it to stop’.

Her eyes returned to concentrate on the loose filaments of cloth on her jacket sleeve that she had been picking at for the last thirty minutes. The room lapsed into a natural silence as my colleague and I scribbled down her pensive answers to our intrusive questioning. Questions that she too perhaps had used in her clinic room to weed out patients with mood symptoms severe enough that they might take an attempt on their lives… 

What The Doctor Recommends: Luxe On A Budget 2018 Destinations

Our upcoming 2018 Luxe On A Budget group getaway destinations include: Dubai (April 2018) Isle of Wight Glamping Experience (May 2018 London || The Royal Wedding celebration (May 2018) Paris (June 2018) Isle of Wight Festival Experience (June 2018) Budapest + Vienna (July 2018) Greece (August 2018) Cowes Yacht Week Experience (August 2018) Details and

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What The Doctor Recommends: A New Era Of Prescription Travel

What The Doctor Recommends is 3 days old. Professional advice is to avoid exposing a newborn in its infancy to the wider world so as to reduce the risk of picking up an infection. Except this bouncing newborn can’t be contained and WANTS to acquire a bug. The #travelbug that is lol! Monte Carlo, Monaco

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What The Doctor Recommends – a new Luxe Travel Service!

Hey #travelbugs! It’s time for the big reveal! After a frantic week of late nights, multiple meetings and phone calls, I can now FINALLY reveal what this #secretsquirrel has passionately been working on for the past 6 weeks just for YOU 😩🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😊 Dr Reen Abroad proudly presents…. ✨ What The Doctor Recommends: Prescription Travel Experiences ✨

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Dr Reen Abroad – Big News ALERT!

Would you look at this #secretsquirrel face lol. Hmm Noreen… what are you up to, you might be wondering. SPILL THE TEA! Well, I can’t reveal all just yet but please rest assured that this squirrel has been VERRRRY busy in the travel kitchen cooking up a deliciously novel service for the busy professionals and solo

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