1 Year Anniversary of the #DrReenAbroad blog!

The richest place on earth... As anniversary celebrations for the #DrReenAbroad travel and lifestyle blog launch a year ago wind down, I have been thinking back to the macabre but poignant thought that started me on this journey: 'The richest place on earth is the cemetary. For in it lies all the lost geniuses, scientists,…

28 years: 28 Life Lessons

I blinked. Suddenly my 20's revved into overdrive and I'm sitting here now, 28 years young. I can feel youth’s grip loosening but, surprisingly, that doesn’t worry me because in it’s place is a quiet maturity and time is the curator. Here’s to looking back at the lessons I've learnt in my 28 years of trying to find a foothold in this world! xOx #DrReenAbroad

The Skin I’m In.

October. The month designated to packaging thousands of years of Black history and culture into a palatable melting pot of 'facts' supposedly beginning with colonialism and ending with Harriet Tubman freeing slaves. And yet, despite being a month that should encourage honest conversations about how far we've come and how far we still are from truly embracing Equality and Diversity, Trump-mania is on the rise, #IAmMogadishu is not a thing and last week a stranger matter of factly stated that being Pro-Black is the same as being anti-White. No. It is not. Because when my little sister held her arm up to compare her gorgeous mahogany skin aside my lighter complexion and questioned her afro puffs, the familiar gnaw of watching a young Black girl grow up in a society that places limitations on her beauty and Blackness resurfaced. And so in response her current and future self... an ode to the Skin I'm In.

How To: Pack ‘Light’ (When You Really, Really, Suck At It)

Having spent most of my childhood and adult life hopping from city to tropical destination to countryside, I thought I had the art of packing down pat. Packing 'light' on the other-hand is a whole different ball game. A ball game that I rarely play well. In my opinion, those most successful at cramming their…

Travelling Chic: Orange is the new Black

Three days spent with every inch of skin insultated against the bitter Icelandic cold had me stepping up my beauty game. To stand out amongst the white expanse meant standing out in a BIG and BRIGHT way! Layering the heavily pigmented 'Hot Singles' NYX orange eyeshadow over a brown-tinted base from my Ebay eyeshadow palette…