How To: Pack ‘Light’ (When You Really, Really, Suck At It)

Having spent most of my childhood and adult life hopping from city to tropical destination to countryside, I thought I had the art of packing down pat. Packing ‘light’ on the other-hand is a whole different ball game. A ball game that I rarely play well. In my opinion, those most successful at cramming their belongings into teensy-tiny cabin bags possess something that I clearly … Continue reading How To: Pack ‘Light’ (When You Really, Really, Suck At It)

My Top 8 Travel Gadgets and Gizmos

1. Rose Gold iPhone 6s 2. Rechargable Selfie LED Lighting Case 3. Noise cancelling Earphones 4. Universal Travel Adaptor 5. Remote Bluetooth-Controlled Selfie Stick 6. AKASO 1080p Full-HD Wireless Waterproof Action Camera with Go-Pro Compatible Accessories 7. NIKON COOLPIX Shockproof Waterproof Digital Camera 8. Pretty Neat by Grace ‘Mapron’ (Make-up Apron) #DrReenAbroad Continue reading My Top 8 Travel Gadgets and Gizmos

Medical Elective: The Beginning

Medical Elective. The two words a young medical student, at the beginning of the journey from novice to junior doctor, clings to during mind-numbingly dull lectures on cell mitochondria and intense grillings from Consultants on hospital placements. Not least of all, during those dark and lengthy revision periods where one’s peers have already been released from the shackles of education, and you have yet to … Continue reading Medical Elective: The Beginning