What The Doctor Recommends

Dr Reen Abroad proudly presents….

✨ What The Doctor Recommends: Prescription Travel Experiences ✨

Inspired by a real life patient encounter and the catchphrase ‘- this [insert noun] is just what the Doctor recommended’, I am really excited to be able to offer busy professionals like myself and solo female travellers deluxe personal travel experiences in the novelty form of a ‘TRAVEL PRESCRIPTION’!

A TRAVEL PRESCRIPTION? What’s that?’ I hear you asking all the way at the back.

What The Doctor Recommends is NOT an official medical advisory or consultation service but rather, it functions as a holiday concierge service catering to those who want to add a little of the #luxelife to their travels, new travellers who are stuck for trip ideas, solo female travellers and also professionals who find themselves way too busy to effectively plan their precious holiday time.

To explain the Travel Prescription process further; clients are selected and given access to a uniquely compiled questionnaire that gives my team and I insight into their current stress/mood status and of course, their needs and wants from a holiday. Armed with this information, my network of GLOBALLY located independent travel itinerary curators and I will work to ‘prescribe’ a bespoke holiday package to help fulfil the holiday of your dreams!

Exciting right?!

Open NOW for enquiries and travel consultations: drreenabroad@hotmail.com


  • Solo travellers
    Small groups ( 3-4 persons)
    Busy professionals

So tell me, how far would you go if it is What The Doctor Recommends? ✈️🌎